Sinocyclocheilus hyalinus

Chen and Yang 1993

Sinocyclocheilus hyalinus
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Chen, Yang and Zhu (1994)






None of the specimens mentioned in Chen and Yang (1993a) are proposed as holotype so all are syntypes. Kottelat and Brehier (1999) clarify the taxonomic status of this species by erecting a lectotype.

Lectotype: KIZ 916001, 87mm SL. (Deposited in the Administrative Office of Alu Limestone Caves, Luxi County, Yunnan Province, China).


Known only from the type locality: Alu Limestone Caves, Luxi County, Yunnan Province, China (24o33’N, 103o45’E). This system consists of three caves (Luyuan Cave (700m long), Yuzhu Cave (800m) and Biyu Cave (800m)) and a single river or stream (Yusun River, 625 in length, 1700m altitude). According to the original authors this river has no obvious inlet or outlet.


Little information is available. The water is very clear with a current velocity of 0.2m/sec and a depth of 0.3-4.1m. Mean water temperature is 19oC.


A member of the subfamily Barbinae and thought to be most closely related to the sympatric Sinocyclocheilus angustiporus (based on the serrated last ray of the dorsal fin). It is suggested by Chen and Yang (1993a) that this latter species is troglophilic, preferring to live in waters very near to caves. Wang and Chen (1998) revised the diagnosis of the genus Sinocyclocheilus.

Conservation Status

[VU D2:2.3:1996]

(Kottelat, M. 1996. Sinocyclocheilus hyalinus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1996: Downloaded on 04 July 2017). Chen, Yang and Chen (2002) record that this species nearly became extinct when environmental deterioration occurred during the creation of a show cave. It may therefore require a higher threat category.

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