Sinocyclocheilus brevis

Lan and Chen in Chen and Lan 1992







Holotype: IHASW 87087496. Paratypes: IHASW 87077469 (1), 87077471 (1), 8707747-48 (1, 1), 87077493 (1).


Luocheng County, ca. 24°47'N, 108°53'E, Guangxi, China. This species coexists with Troglonectes microphthalmus and Bibarba parvoculus.

Biological Notes

Lunghi et al. (2019) conducted a morphometric study of eight species of Sinocyclocheilus. They showed that S. brevis had fully developed eyes. They had samples from one site only (24.78oN, 108.9oE). The smallest sample was 29.24mm SL and the largest 156.11mm SL with a mean of 90.48mm SL.

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Internet Resources

Lunghi et al. (2019) Open Access paper

Key References

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