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New species of crayfish of the genus Procambarus, and notes on Procambarus pilosimanus (Decapoda:Cambaridae) from Chiapas, Mexico

Álvarez, F., Torres, E. and Villalobos, J.L.

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Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad
Open Access by licence CC BY-NC-ND (4.0)
A new species of crayfish is described from the Cave of Sótano de La Lucha, in the border between the Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. The new species is completely adapted to the cave environment with reduced eyes lacking cornea and visual pigments, an almost unpigmented body and elongated appendages. We also report on crayfish populations from the “Lagunas de Montebello” area, which fit well the description of Procambarus pilosimanus (Ortmann, 1906), a heretofore problematic species in southern Mexico. Keywords: Stygobitic crayfish; Sótano de La Lucha; Lagunas de Montebello; Chiapas
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