Eigenmannia vicentespelaea

Triques 1996







Holotype: MZUSP 42605, 114.9mm SL. Paratype: MZUSP 47984, 157.4mm SL.


Type locality: Gruta Sao Vicente II, Rio Sao Vicente system, Rio Tocantins basin, Sao Domingos, Goias, Brazil (13o35’00”S, 46o22’30”W). Known also from Sao Vicente I part of the same cave system.


Slow moving water up to 2m deep, with silt and clay bottom (M. E. Bichuette pers. comm.).


No details provided by Triques (1996). Peixoto, Dutra and Wosiacki (2015) include this species, together with 10 other species, in the Eigenmannia trilineata species-group.

A thorough review of dorsolateral head musculature of Neotropical Gymnotiformes (Peixooto and De Pinna 2022) suggets that the genus Eigenmannia is polyphyletic with three groups of species:

Group 1: E. muirapinima and E.vicentespelaea

Group 2: E. humboldtii, E. limbata, E. nigra, E. pavulagem, and E. sp. “ventuari

Group 3: E. antonioi, E. besouro, E. desantanai, E. guairaca, E. matintaperera, E. macrops, E. meeki, E. microstoma, E. sayona, E. trilineata, E. virescens, and E. waiwai

Groups 2 and 3 are more closely related to other genera that they are to group 1 containing E. vicentespelaea.

Conservation Status

[NE] [VU D2:3.1:2011]

"Eigenmannia vicentespelaea is endemic and known only from a cave system: St. Vincent (caves of St. Vincent I: 13 ° 35 30 S, 46 ° 21 00 W and St. Vincent II: 13 ° 35 00 S, 46 ° 24 00 W), municipality of São Domingos, Goiás, Brazil. It is estimated that less than 10 km2 occurs and consequently, an area of ​​lesser occupation, since the species occupies specific microhabitats (backwaters with sand bottoms at depths of up to 2 m). Although it is found inside a Conservation Unit, the Terra Ronca State Park (PETER), the sources of the São Vicente River lie outside the park. Although there is no evidence of a decline in the area of ​​occupation or even of habitat quality, this region is subject to annual deforestation and forest fires for plantations and pastures, with destruction of the riparian forest, which can cause silting of the river and decrease of food supply in the São Vicente system. Therefore, Eigenmannia vicentespelaea was categorized as Vulnerable (VU) by criterion D2. It is necessary to intensify the inspection around the park and protect the springs of the rivers that form the cave systems of PETER, incorporating them in the area of ​​this."

Museum Holdings

As above plus: MZUSP 83461,3 + 1CS, 108–164.5 mm SL, MZUSP 55989, 2, 109.2–110.9 mm SL, MZUSP 83462, 2, 117.2–121.9 mm SL, MZUSP 83463, 1CS, 118.9 mm SL, MZUSP 83464, 1, 161.6 mm SL. MZUSP 83465, 2, 106.2–109.2 mm SL, MZUSP 83466, 1, 119.0 mm SL, MZUSP 83467, 3, 109.7–123.3 mm SL, MZUSP 83468, 3, 81.6–116.2 mm SL, MZUSP 83469, 1, 112.1 mm SL. MZUSP 83470, 3, 83.6–95.6 mm SL, MZUSP 83471, 1CS, 106.7 mm SL (Peixoto, Dutra and Wosiacki 2015).

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