Lucifuga subterranea

Poey 1858

Lucifuga subterranea
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Nalbant (1981)


Lucifuga subterraneus  Poey 1858

Lucifuga teresinarum  Diaz Perez 1988




The status of the type specimens for this species, and for Lucifuga dentata, the second and third described subterranean fishes, is not known with any degree of certainty. The Catalog of Fishes (Eschmeyer, Fricke and van der Laan 2018) says: "Poey specimens: ZMB 6341 (1)" without stating the type status of this specimen. Romero (2007) does not mention ZMB 6341, presumably because he was not aware of it, and suggests that one of either USNM 00001739 (collected by Poey, date unknown) or MNHN A-5234 (collector unknown, date unknown, sent to Valenciennes in Paris probably 1865) is the holotype or in the type series.

The type catalogue of Faloh-Gandarilla et al. 2016, presumably the most reliable source in this matter, says that ZMB 6341 is a single syntype, probably because Poey (1858) did not specifically mention the single type specimen which, if he had done so, would have been the holotype.

This species is the type species by monotypy of the cave restricted genus Lucifuga.


Type locality: Cueva de Cajio, potrero de Torres, dos leguas, (c. 8.5 km), Sur de Guira de Melena, Habana province, Cuba. Other sites from which this species has been collected are given by Eigenmann (1909), Taboada (1974) and Garcia Debras, Gonzalez and Yager (1999) (22o-23oN, 80o-84oW).

Province Municipality Cave Coexistence
Habana Alquizar Cueva del Cafetal "La Concordia"  
    Cueva del cafetal "La Industria" L. dentata
    Cueva del Quintanal  
  Artemisa Cueva en Ashton  
    Cueva de Ashton L. dentata
    Cueva Emilio L. dentata
    Cueva del Baño  
    Cueva Baño II L. dentata
    Cueva Modesta L. dentata
    Cueva de la Lechuza  
    Cueva del Dragón  
    Cueva en Cañas  
    Cavernas en San Isidro  
    Cueva en la Tranquilidad L. dentata
    Cueva en Los Frías L. dentata
    Cueva Hawey  
    Cueva Los Pérez L. dentata
  Guira de Melena Cueva Jaiguán L. dantata
    Cueva Cajío * L. dentata
  Quivican Cueva Juanelo Piedra L. dentata
    Cueva de Luis Piedra L. dentata
    Cueva del Túnel L. dentata

Known distribution of Lucifuga subterranea. * type locailty.


Inhabits anchialine caves.


A general note on the systematics and distribution of the genus Lucifuga

The genus Lucifuga contains six nominal described species:

Nominal species Distribution
subterranea Cuba - southwest
dentata Cuba - west central
gibarensis Cuba
simile Cuba - Matanzas
spelaeotes Bahamas - Grand Bahama Bank
lucayana Bahamas - Little Bahama Bank


Note: The marine species originally described as Lucifuga inopinata Cohen and McCosker 1998 is certainly not in the genus Lucifuga (Hernandez et al. 2020, Peter Rask Moller pers. comm. 2022). It is not discussed further.

Until the studies of Moller et al. (2006) all Bahamian species on both main banks were placed in L. spelaeotes but it was no surpsrise to see that the banks each have their own species. Molecular studies of the Cuban species by Hernandez (2005), Lara et al. (2010), Garcia- Machado et al. (2011) and Hernandez et al. (2016) have considerably altered understanding of the situation in Cuba. These studies strongly suggest that there are at least eight phylogentic groups in Cuba: the nominal species subterranea, dentata, simile and gibarensis, and four currently unnamed taxa. L. gibarensis is sister to unnamed species 4 and both of these are sister to 3. These thre groups are all the sister all other species. L. terresinarum groups strongly with L. subterranea and is clearly a synonym of this species. L. subterranea is sister to dentata, simile and unnamed species 1 and 2. simile and 2 form a monophyletic group as do dentata and 1 and each of these are sisters.

Biological Notes

Fishes in the genus Lucifuga are parasitised by Genarchella isabellae (Trematoda: Derogenidae) and Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) lucifugae (Nematoda: Camallanidae) (Coy Otero Garcia and Ventosa 1997, Garcia, Coy Otero and Ventosa 1999).

Conservation Status

MuG [VU D2:2.3:1996]

Alfredo Garcia Debras (pers. comm.) reports that some historical locations for this species have been partially or totally destroyed, some are affected by pollution from industrial and/or domestic sources and others by various engineering works. He also states that some marine fish species have been introduced into the habitat of Lucifuga species, where they not only compete for resources (mainly food) but also actively prey on the cave fishes.

Museum Holdings

Romero (2007) provides the following list of museum specimens and in addition to these

there is one further specimen, the single syntype,  ZMB 6341 (Faloh-Gandarilla et al. 2016:10).

Catalogue number Locality in Cuba Collector Collection date
USNM 00001739 Cuevas de Alquizas Poey Not known
MNHN A-5234 Not known Not known 1865
SU 8510 Hawey Eigenmann 1893 or earlier
CAS 30438 Not known Eigenmann and Riddle 1902
AMNH 18463 Not known Not known c.1904
AMNH 18712 Tranquilidad Eigenmann March 1902
AMNH 18714 Not known Eigenmann March 1902
FMNH 3934 Cañas Eigenmann and Riddle March 1902
FMNH 33090 Not known Eigenmann? Not known
FMNH 52631 Not known Eigenmann Not known
SU 8509 Jaiguan Eigenmann Not known
BMNH 1904.1.28.137 Cañas Not known 1904
BMNH 1904.1.28.135-136 Tranquilidad Not known 1904
MCZ 29902 Cañas Eigenmann 1910
USNM 00204452 Not known Not known 1936?
MCZ 31221 Guira de Melena Carlos de la Torre Not known

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