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Exquisite structure of the lateral line system in eyeless cavefish Sinocyclocheilus tianlinensis contrast to eyed Sinocyclocheilus macrophthalmus (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae)

Ma, Z., Herzog, H., Jiang, Y., Zhao, Y. and Zhang, D.

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Integrative Zoology
In this study, the lateral line systems in Chinese cavefish eyelessSinocyclocheilus tianlinensisand eyedSinocyclocheilus macrophthalmuswere investigated to reveal their morphological changes to survive in harsh environments. Compared with the eyed cavefishS. macrophthalmus(atypical), the lateral line system in the eyeless cavefishS. tianlinensis(typical) has certain features to adapt to the dark cave environments: the superficial lateral line system in the eyeless species possesses a higher number of superficial neuromasts and more hair cells within an individual neuromast, and the trunk lateral line canal system inS. tianlinensisexhibits larger canal pores, higher canal diameter and more pronounced constrictions. Fluid–structure interaction analysis suggested that the trunk lateral line canal system in the eyelessS. tianlinensisshould be more sensitive than that in the eyedS. macrophthalmus. These morphological features of the lateral line system in the eyelessS. tianlinensisprobably enhance the functioning of the lateral line system and compensate for the lack of eyes. The revelation of the form–function relationship in the cavefish lateral line system provides inspiration for the design of sensitive artificial flow sensors.
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