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Mitochondrial genome of a typical cavefish ofSinocyclocheilus anatirostris

Zhao, X., Lan, C., Yu, J., Zhou, J., Lu, X., Xiao, N., Dengban, H. and Zhou, J.

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Mitochondrial DNA Part B
Sinocyclocheilus anatirostrisLin and Luo, 1986 is a member of the endemic Chinese genusSinocyclocheilusFang, 1936, living in dark caves with absence of eyes and scales. Muscle tissue was col-lected from cavefish samples from Guangxi, China, and complete mitogenome was sequenced. This isthe first report of the mitogenome ofS. anatirostris. This mitogenome consists of 13 protein-codinggenes (PCGs), two rRNA genes (12S rRNA and 16S rRNA), 22 tRNA genes, a control region (CR), andcomprises 31.2% A, 24.4% T, 16.7% G, and 27.7% C bases. Phylogenetically,S. anatirostrisis closelyrelated to theSinocyclocheilus furcodorsalis, and originated in the late Miocene, 6.07Ma
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Mitochondrial genome of a typical cavefish ofSinocyclocheilus anatirostris