Aspidoras mephisto

Tencatt and Bichuette 2017



Aspidoras albater  Nijssen and Isbrucker 1976 (in part)




Holotype: MNRJ 48268 45.6mm SL. Paratypes: LESCI 246 18,8mm SL, LESCI 247 31.2mm SL, LESCI 304 (2 specimens 33.1mm, 31.3mm SL), LESCI 306 33.9mm SL, NUP 18758 (2 specimens 34.7mm, 34.9mm SL, NUP 18760 (2 specimens 29.5mm, 31.7mm SL), LESCI 332 (9 specimens 19.0-27.0mm SL, LESCI 333 19.0mm SL, MCP, MZUSP, ZUFMS-PIS.

Zoobank registered.


Known only from the type locality: the Anésio-Russão cave system, upper Tocantins River basin, Goiás, Brazil. 14°05’27.7”S, 46°22’59.6”W. This system consists of Anésio III cave and Russão II cave.

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