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Molecular phylogeny of the armored catfish family Callichthyidae (Ostariophysi, Siluriformes)

Shimabukuro-Dias, C.K, Oliveira, C., Reis, R.E. and Foresti, F.

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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
The family Callichthyidae comprises eight genera of fishes widely distributed across the Neotropical region. In the present study, sequences of the mitochondrial genes 12S rRNA, 16S rRNA, ND4, tRNAHis, and tRNASer were obtained from 28 callichthyid specimens. The sample included 12 species of Corydoras, three species of Aspidoras, two species of Brochis, Dianema, Lepthoplosternum, and Megalechis, and two local populations of Callichthys and Hoplosternum. Sequences of Nematogenys inermis (Nematogenyidae), Trichomycterus areolatus, and Henonemus punctatus (Trichomycteridae), Astroblepus sp. (Astroblepidae), and Neoplecostomus paranensis, Delturus parahybae, and Hemipsilichthys nimius (Loricariidae) were included as the outgroup. Phylogenetic analyses were performed by using the methods of maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood. The results of almost all analyses were very similar. The family Callichthyidae is monophyletic and comprises two natural groups: the subfamilies Corydoradinae (Aspidoras, Brochis, and Corydoras) and Callichthyinae (Callichthys, Dianema, Hoplosternum, Lepthoplosternum, and Megalechis), as previously demonstrated by morphological studies. The relationships observed within these subfamilies are in several ways different from those previously proposed on the basis of morphological data. Molecular results were compared with the morphologic and cytogenetic data available on the family.  2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Keywords: Molecular phylogeny; Callichthyidae; Systematic; Fish; Evolution
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