Pimelodella kronei

(Miranda Ribeiro 1907) Pavan 1946

Pimelodella kronei
Illustration from Eigemann (1917)


Typhlobagrus kronei  Miranda Ribeiro 1907

Pimelodella lateristriga var. kronei  Haseman 1911

Caecorhamdella brasiliensis  Borodin 1927




Holotype: MNRJ 836. Paratypes: 35 specimens, location unknown.


Type locality: Areias de Cima, Areias System, Iporanga County, Upper Rio Ribeira Valley, São Paulo, Brazil (24o35’S, 48o35’W). Known also from Bombas resurgence, Águas Quentes and Córrego Seco caves on the right side of the Rio Betari and from Alambari de Cima and Gurutuva caves on the left bank of the same river (Trajano 1991a, 1997d). Most of these caves are within the boundaries of the Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira (PETAR).


Base level open channel vadose rocky steams with silty pools (Trajano 1997c,d; 2001a).


The sister species of P. kronei is Pimelodella transitoria, which is common in the surface streams of the area as well as being a successful troglophile. Both of these species retain many character states from their common ancestor. Trajano and Britski (1992) hypothesise an allopatric origin for the cave species, which would have been isolated in subterranean habitats during glacial, drier, periods when the local drainage would be interrupted by the lowering of the local base (phreatic) level.

Conservation Status

[DD:2.3:1996] [EN B2ab(ii,iii):3.1:2011]

(World Conservation Monitoring Centre. 1996. Pimelodella kronei. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species1996: Downloaded on 14 July 2017).

Pimelodella kronei is endemic to Brazil and inhabits streams in caves in the Upper Ribeira region, southeast of the State of São Paulo. It is found in seven caves, some inside the Upper Ribeira State Tourist Park, which represent two locations. The occupation area is less than 20km2. The main threats are pollution caused by domestic sewage and soap at one location and the presence of heavy metals from past mining activity at the other location. These activities have caused a decrease in the quality of the habitat and the area of occupation, since the species was no longer found in the caves Alambari de Cima and Córrego Seco. The species was classified as Endangered (EN), by criterion B2ab (ii, iii). The effective prohibition of visitation in the caves of the Areias and Alambari de Cima System, which should also be included in the area of the Park, is essential. [Google Translate].

No specimens of the populations from Alambari de Cima and Gurutuva caves, on the left bank of the Betari River, have been seen for 15 years. It is possible that these populations may be extinct, or critically reduced, as a consequence of pollution events in the mid 1980’s (E. Trajano pers. comm.). Threats to populations on the right bank include poorly controlled tourism.

Museum Holdings

AMNH 8604 145mm TL, holotype of Caecorhamdella brasiliensis. FMNH 58293 3 specimens collected by Haseman. FMNH 58443 26 specimens collected by Haseman. MZUSP 36.499 and 36.511 (Pavan, 1946). MZUSP 22.196, 22.581, 24.383, 27.168, 27.169, 27.170, 36.499, 38.726, 38.727, 38.728, 38.729, 38.730, 27.163, 27.167, 38.726.

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Photograph by Ivan Sazima