Rhamdia macuspanensis

Weber and Wilkens 1998

Rhamdia macuspanensis
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Weber and Wilkens (1998)






Holotype: ZMH 8874, 124.7mm SL, 150.8mm TL. Paratypes: ZMH 8875, 138mm SL, 168mm TL. ZMH 8876 (8 specimens, 78.3 - 135.9mm SL).


Known only from the type locality: Grutas de Agua Blanca, Balneario de Agua Blanca, on the road from Villahermosa to Chetumal, 20 km SE of the village of Macuspana, Tabasco, México (17o37’15.5”N, 92o28’22.6”W).


The cave stream runs over bare limestone but there are areas of sand and gravel. No food was seen when the type series was collected and it is likely that it arrived with flood events. The fishes were well fed with deposits of adipose tissue. Bat guano may also supply some supplies (Weber and Wilkens 1998). The stygobiootic crab Rodriguezia adani Alvarez and Villalobos 2018 is also found at this site (see Zoobank entry), as are the pseudothelphusid crab Odontothelphusa palenquensis, an undescribed species of Macrobrachium prawn, a Procambarus crayfish and asellid isopods (Alvarez and Villalobos 2018). These animals are likely to be food for R. macuspanensis.


A member of the Rhamdia laticauda species group (Weber 1996).

Arroyave and De La Cruz-Fernandez (2021) studied all four Mexican troglobitic Rhamdia (R. reddelli, R. zongolicensis, R. macuspanensis and R. laluchensis) with both genetics and morphology. They discovered that all four species are probably populations of the epigean Rhamdia laticauda but they refrained from making nomenclatural decisions, and thus placing all four as troglobitic populations of R. laticauda, until further data become available. The four species thus retain their current names for the timebeing (August 2021).

Conservation Status

TLO [NT:3.1:2019]

Arroyave, J. and Schmitter-Soto, J. 2019. Rhamdia macuspanensis. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2019: e.T132660462A132661786. Downloaded on 04 February 2021.

Threatened (Contreras-Balderas et al. 2003)

Museum Holdings

As above only.

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