Rhamdia guasarensis

DoNascimiento, Provenzano and Lundberg 2004







Holotype: MBUCV-V-29604 106.8mm SL. Paratypes: MBUCV-V-29662 87.2mm and 101.1mm SL, ANSP 179878 93.4mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: Surgencia del Tigre (Zu. 23), 2.5km west of Cerro Yolanda, central Rio Guasare basin, Sierra de Perija, Estado Zulia, northwestern Venezela (10o52'53"N, 72o30'03"W).

Two further subterranean fishes, Ancistrus galani and Trichomycterus spelaeus, are found in the Sierra de Perija.

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Key References

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