Platyallabes tihoni

(Poll 1944) Poll 1977



Dolichallabes tihoni  Poll 1944


Central Africa:fw


Neotype: MRAC 103307 (Derijst 1991).

Conservation Status


Museum Holdings

MRAC 13307 (holo type); Kinsuka, MRAC 73-68-P-143, MRAC 138698–699 (n52), 1 25345–349 (n54), MRAC 73-22-P-3127 (n53); Bulu, Luozi, BMNH 1976.5.21.30–39(n59), MCZ 50239 (n513); Inga, MCZ 88947, MCZ 50537 (n515); Tadi, Kibunzi,MCZ 50297 (n55) (Devaere et al. 2005).

Key References

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