Dolichallabes microphthalmus

Poll 1942





Lower Congo River: freshwater


Holotype: MRAC 44655 adult male, 229 mm SL.

Paratypes: MRAC 44656-59 (196–210 mm), MRAC 62407 (188 mm SL).


Dolichallabes microphthalmus is the only species in the genus.

Biological Notes

The lower Congo River, and especially the northern and southern rapids below Pool Malebo, are home to many endemic species (Roberts and Stewart 1976, Bailey 1986, Thieme et al. 2005, Mamonekene 2005, Alter et al. 2015, Alter et al. 2017, Stiassny 2016). In particular there are at least eleven species, in five Families, which exhibit the troglomorphic features of reduced eyes and pigment:


Channallabes apus (Günther 1873) Teugels 1986

Dolichallabes microphthalmus Poll 1942

Gymnallabes nops Roberts and Stewart 1976

Platyallabes tihoni (Poll 1944) Poll 1977


Notoglanidium pallidum Roberts and Stewart 1976


Mastacembelus aviceps Roberts and Stewart 1976

Mastacembelus brichardi (Poll 1958) Vreven 2005

Mastacembelus crassus Roberts and Stewart 1976

Mastacembelus latens Roberts and Stewart 1976


Lamprologus lethops Roberts and Stewart 1976


Stomatorhinus microps Boulenger 1898

These features probably evolved because these species live at depth within the rapids and spend their whole lives in permanent darkness, analagous to life in caves. The ocular and craniofacial anatomy of several of these species have been studied (Schobert et al. 2010, 2011, 2013) but almost nothing else is known about these animals.

Conservation Status


Moelants, T. 2010. Dolichallabes microphthalmus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2010: e.T182410A7880107. Downloaded on 20 March 2020.

Museum Holdings

MRAC 57662, 196 mm SL

MRAC 18850, 90 mm SL

MRAC 101843, 149 mm SL

MRAC 176123–124 68 mm SL

MRAC 79093, 134 mm SL

MRAC 93774, 66 mm SL

MRAC 79258–260 85–126 mm SL

MRAC 78808–810 99–110 mm SL

MRAC 96672 110 mm SL

MRAC 66721, 97 mm SL.

Details from Daevere et al. (2004).

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