Gouania adriatica

Wagner, Kovačić and Koblmüller 2020



Gouania wildenowi  in part

Previously referred to by the informal name of Adriatic stout Gouania (Wagner et al. 2019).




Holotype: PMR VP4618, male, 41.41+6.77 mm

Paratypes: ZSM-PIS-047650, male, 41.03+5.89 mm; ZSM-PIS-047652, male, 27.3+4.27 mm; ZSM-PIS-047651, male, 34.53+5.65 mm ;PMR VP3523, juvenile of unidentified sex, 22.95+3.6 mm; PMR VP3524, male. 26.19 mm, caudal fin damaged and PMR VP3525, female, 28.4+4.23 mm; ZSM-PIS-047653, female, 34.42+4.85 mm and ZSM-PIS-047653, female, 35.23+4.9 mm; PMR VP4580, female, 34.7+4.99 mm


Type locality: Stoja, Pula, Croatia, 44°51'38.4"N, 13°49'05.0"E.

Known also from:

Envi beach, Vlorë, Albania, 40°23'16.3"N 19°28'58.2"E

Trstenik Pelješac, Croatia, 42°54'07.7"N 17°25'47.0"E

Stara Baška, Krk, Croatia, 44°56'45.3"N 14°42'22.2"E

Glavotok, Krk, Croatia, 45°05'44.9"N 14°26'32.4"E

Pećine, Rijeka, Croatia, 45°18'52.4"N 14°28'11.7"E

Sv. Marina, Istria, Croatia, 45°01'42.1"N 14°09'17.4"E


A member of the Subfamily Lepadogastrinae together with the following genera:  Apletodon (7 species), Diplecogaster (8 species), Lepadogaster (3 species), Lecanogaster (2 species) and Opeatogenys (2 species) (Briggs 1957).

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