Eidinemacheilus smithi

(Greenwood 1976) Segherloo, Ghaedrahmati and Freyhof 2016

Eidinemacheilus smithi
Illustration by Brian Coad (44.7mm SL, 55.2mm TL) and used with permission
CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae


Noemacheilus smithi  Greenwood 1976

Nemacheilus smithi  Greenwood 1976

Paracobitis smithi  (Greenwood 1976) Nalbant and Bianco 1998




Holotype: BMNH 1976.6.28:1 apparently immature male 35.5mm SL. At the time of its description this was the only specimen and no other types were assigned.


Type locality: Loven Cave, a flood resurgence at Kaaje‑Ru, near the oasis of Baq‑e‑Loveh, Lorestan Province, Zagros Mountains, Iran (33o05'N, 48o36'E). This locality is 11 km from Tanh‑e‑kraft railway station on the line from Bendar Shapur to Tehran. This is also the type (and only known) locality of Garra typhlops and Garra lorestanensis and the three species coexist.

Known also from Tuveh Spring in the Dez River drainage 31km from the type locality (32o48'47'' N, 48o43'06'' E, altitude 495 m a.s.l.) (Vatandoust et al. 2019, Malek-Hosseini et al. 2022). Garra typhlops and Garra lorestanensis are also found in both Loren cave and in Tuveh Spring.



The true habitat of this species is not known. The collection site is the flood overflow for a large resurgence. The resurgence was explored by diving (Farr 1977, 1984:117) but the way on underwater became too narrow at 2m depth. The flood overflow was also dived but without conclusion. Another sump is located in the same area but was not examined (Farr 1977).


Greenwood (1976) placed this species into the “catchall” genus Noemacheilus as a temporary measure until its proper relationships could be ascertained. He also commented that it was close to the subgenus Paracobitis. It appears to be related to N. ghazniensis and N. rhadineus. Nalbant and Linares (1987) placed this species in the genus Paracobitis but without any reasons for this. A member of the subfamily Nemacheilinae.

Recent genetic studies, using mitochondrial COI, showed conclusively that the two populations of E. smithi, at Loven Cave and at Tuveh Spring, are each others closest relatives. Closest relative to these two is E. proudlovei in Iraq, which is of considerable interest given that the Iraq site and the two Iranian sites are 350km apart (Malek-Hosseini et al. 2022 Figure 1).

Conservation Status

MuG TLO [VU D2:2.3:1996]

World Conservation Monitoring Centre. 1996. Paracobitis smithi. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1996: Downloaded on 04 July 2017). R (IUCN 1990), R (IUCN 1993)

B. Sandford (in Coad 1980‑81:73) considers that this species (and its co-inhabitants Garra typhlops and Garra lorestanensis) should be considered endangered because of a collapse at the resurgence from which they were collected. However, as Coad points out (1980‑81:72‑73), these species may not be threatened since the pool in which they were collected probably represents only a small and atypical portion of their habitat. The cave or fissure system in which they have evolved and now live may be quite extensive. Coad (1996) records that reduced recharge of the system through human interaction in a water-poor area, and overcollection, may threaten this species. The Iranian authorities are aware of the rare nature of this animal and have imposed a fine on anyone collecting it illegally. Coad (1996) suggests that an important conservation measure might be the establishment of a small reserve with the assistance of local people.

Museum Holdings

As above plus: BMNH 1981.3.6:1‑3, NMC uncatalogued 5 specimens (B.W. Coad pers. comm.). VMFC PS1410 to VMFC PS1411 (Mousavi-Sabet and Eagderi 2016).

Internet Resources

Mitochondrial COI

Mitochondrial COI

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