Grottes aux poissons aveugles: Caecobarbus geertsii de Mbanza-Ngungu en R.D.Congo

Kimbembi ma Ibaka, A.

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68 pages
Éditions universitaires européennes
ISBN-10 : 6202278838 ISBN-13 : 978-6202278836
The objective of this book is, on the one hand, to contribute to, correct and complete Leleup and Heuts (1954), on the other hand to encourage scientists and international biodiversity conservation institutions to get involved in the safeguarding this heritage, and making available to decision-makers, a set of data with a view to reaching their emotional level, as to: - the threats that these natural reserves have for defined purposes, of scientific, aesthetic, cultural and educational value , special reserves, these caves characterized by the presence of blind albino fish, endemic fish species, Caecobarbus geertsii; and - the concern to inscribe some of these caves inventoried on the list of World Heritage properties. Because doing nothing would inevitably lead, in the more or less long term, to the loss of these ecosystems of great universal value. This manual is structured in three parts: the first part presents the inventory of the caves, the second deals with cave biodiversity and the third offers a sketch of the Mbanza-Ngungu cave biosphere reserve.
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