Troglonectes lingyunensis

(Liao, Wang and Luo 1997) Kottelat 2012

CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae


Schistura lingyunensis  Liao, Wang and Luo 1997




Known only from the type locality: Shadong Cave, Lingyun County, Guangxi, China (24o20’N, 106o32’E). This species coexists at the type locality with Sinocyclocheilus lingyunensis and Sinocyclocheilus microphthalmus. This in one of only two known instances where three troglobitic fishes are found together, the other being Garra typhlops, Garra lorestanensis and Eidinemacheilius smithi in Iran.


There are 19 described species in the genus Troglonectes (Eschmeyer 2022), all expect one are hypogean fishes with reduced eyes, reduced pigment and reduced scales. The only epigean member of the genus is Troglonectes hechiensis Zhao, Liu, Du and Luo 2021. The epigean species is a member of a monophyletic group which also contains T. furcocaudalis, T. daqikongensis, T. jiarongensis and T. shuilongensis (Zhao, Liu, Du and Luo 2021).

Biological Notes

Shadong Cave also contains a very troglomorphic crustacean Macrobrachium lingyunense Li, Cai and Clarke, 2006 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae) (Pan, Hou and Li 2010).

Conservation Status


Key References

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