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New genera and new species of cavernicolous beetles from southwestern China (Coleoptera:Carabidae: Trechini, Platynini)

Tian, M., He, L. and Zhou, J.

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Annales de la Société entomologique de France
Summary.Three new genera and species of cave-adapted trechine beetles are established and described from limestonecaves in southwestern China:Yunaphaenops graciliphallusn. gen., n. sp.(Fengwei Dong Cave, Qiubei County,Yunnan Province), a semi-aphaenopsian species with its taxonomic position remaining unclear within the tribeTrechini though allied toSinaphaenopsUéno & Wang1991based on molecular analysis;Leshanius yunzhiin. gen.,n. sp.(Xiaoxuankong Tiankeng Cave, Leshan Shi, Sichuan Province), an aphaenopsian species somewhat similar tothe genusBoreaphaenopsUéno2002in morphology, but allied toSichuanotrechusDeuve, 2005 in molecularphylogeny; andPanotrechus pilosusn. gen., n. sp.(Wojiao Dong Cave, Panzhou, Guizhou Province), a peculiargenus with several remarkable characters in morphology, but allied toCkacusTian & Huang, 2021 in molecularanalysis.Jujiroa duqianaen. also reported from Xiaoxuankong Tiankeng, allied toJ. deliciolaUéno &Kishimoto, 2001. A new locality forJ. deliciolais recorded. Finally, an updated key to all Sichuanese species ofJujiroais provided
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