Uegitglanis zammaranoi

Gianferrari 1923

Uegitglanis zammaranoi
A display of aggressive behaviour. From Berti, Ercolini and Cianfanelli (1993)


Uegitglanis zammaranoi baidoaensis  Parenzan 1938




Holotype: MSNM 37 (ex MSNM 4281a) 101mm TL. Paratypes: BMNH 1925.10.21:1, BMNH 1927.10.21:1, MNHN 1924-220 (ex MSNM), USNM 93131. This species is the type species by monotypy of the cave restricted genus Uegitglanis and the genus is the type genus of the monotypic family Uegitglanididae.


Distributed over a large area in southern Somalia, details given below (Ercolini, Berti, Chelazzi and Messana 1982) (3o48’N, 43o14’E).

Locality Latitude Longitude Altitude(m)
Uegit * 03o48'30"N 43o14'47"E 406
Baidoa No. 1 03o07'19"N 43o38'18"E 485
Baidoa No. 2 03o06'39"N 43o37'38"E 490
Manas 02o52'43"N 43o28'22"E 442
Siggia 03o56'30"N 43o24'  E



Distribution of Uegitglanis zammaranoi. * = type locality


This animal probably inhabits small but very extensive phreatic groundwater cavities. Messana, Chelazzi and Baccetti (1985) record that while most of the karstic system of Somalia is composed of small cavities there are exceptions and some large cavities exist (e.g. Manas and Taleh).


Chardon (1968:146‑152) made a thorough study of various anatomical features in siluriform fishes, particularly the Weberian apparatus. His results suggest that U. zammaranoi is, in many respects, intermediate in form between typical members of the Clariidae and Bagridae. It appears to be a very primitive animal, perhaps the last representative of an archaic fauna. These characteristics suggest that it should be placed in its own family the Uegitglanididae but this has not been followed in the literature.

Conservation Status

MG [VU D2:3.1:2010]

(Getahun, A. 2010. Uegitglanis zammaranoi. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2010: Downloaded on 03 July 2017). VU B1+2c (IUCN, 1996, 2000). In large areas of Somalia pumps are now being used to remove water from wells. If this is carried out over a long period without replenishment of ground water by rain the water table will inevitably fall. This would pose a serious threat to this species and the other two cave‑dwelling species in this country, Barbopsis devecchii and Garra andruzzii.

This species is found in Ecoregion 83 (Horn) of Thieme et al. (2005). This is a xeric area which is nationally important faunistically, with a conservation status of relatively stable and a priority class of 5 (Brown and Thieme 2005).

Museum Holdings

Eighty two specimens at the Instituto di Zoologia dell' Universita di Firenze, Centro di Studio per la Faunistica ed Ecologia Tropicali del Consiglio Nazionali delle Ricerche, Firenze (Ercolini, Berti, Chelazzi and Messana, 1982). Possibly ten specimens at the Centre Albert Michotte, Universite de Louvain, Belgium (Thines 1958).

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