Glossogobius undescribed species

[Sparks and Chakrabarty 2012]







This species is undescribed so there are no types.


Napolean Cave, 1 km from American campground, Ankarana National Park, northern Madagascar. Large, deep subterranean pool within Ankarana karst formation, Ankarana National Park, northern Madagascar (details from Sparks and Chakrabarty 2012).


Not known.


Kuang et al. (2018) used molecular markers to study the internal structure of the Suborder Gobioidei which contains within it eleven Families. They demonstrated that Milyeringidae is sister Family to a group of four  Families: Oxudercidae+Gobiidae+Butidae+ Eleotridae and is only disttantly related to four others: Odontobutidae, Rhyacichthyidae, Apogonidae and Kurtidae (samples from Thalasseleotridae and Trichonotidae were not availabe for analysis).

Conservation Status


This species, and its congener Glossogobius ankaranensis,  is found in Ecoregion 67 (Madagascar northwestern basins) of Thieme et al. (2005). This is an area of savana and dry forest rivers which is globally outstading faunistically with a conservation status of endangered and of Priority Class 1 (Sparks 2005).

Museum Holdings

AMNH 245685, 1 ex., Napolean Cave, 1 km from American campground, Ankarana National Park, northern Madagascar, Mad-29-2008, P. Chakrabarty and S.B. Holtz, 22 June 2008. AMNH 245686, 1 ex., data as for AMNH 245685. AMNH uncat., 1 ex., large, deep subterranean pool within Ankarana karst formation, Ankarana National Park, northern Madagascar, Mad 11-21, J.S. Sparks, R.C. Schelly, Z.H. Baldwin, and C.B. Braun, June 2011.

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