Phreatobius sanguijuela

Fernandez, Saucedo, Carvajal and Schaefer 2007





Bolivia, Brazil


Holotype: UMSS 1785 42.1mm SL. Paratypes: MNKP 5373 27.8mm SL and 32.3mm SL.


Type locality: Artificial well, Comunidad de Porvenir, 13°59'14.44"S, 61°32'27.05"W, Río Iténez basin, Dept. Santa Cruz, Bolivia, elevation 172 meters. Known also from eight wells near São Francisco do Guaporé, Rondônia State, Brazil (Ohara, Dacosta and Fonseca 2016).

Conservation Status

[CR B2ab(iii):3.1:2016]

(Sarmiento, J., Maldonado, M. & Carvajal, F. 2016. Phreatobius sanguijuela. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2016: Downloaded on 07 July 2017).

Museum Holdings

As above only.

Key References

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