Typhlichthys undescribed species lineage A

[Niemiller et. al. 2013]



Typhlichthys subterraneus  Girard 1859 (in part)




This taxon has not been described and there are no types. The taxon was identified as separate from Typhlichthys subterraneus sensu lato by Niemiller et al. (2013).


Recorded from 3 caves in Alabama, 4 caves in Georgia (2 confirmed with molecular data) and 8 caves in Tennessee (2 confirmed with molecular data) (Niemiller et al. 2013).

Conservation Status

MuG [NE] VU B1ab(iii):3.1:2013 (Niemiller et al. 2013)

Museum Holdings

AUM, GMNH, UAIC (Niemiller et al. 2013)

Key References

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