Milyeringa justitia

Larson and Foster in Larson, Foster Humphreys and Stevens 2013







Holotype: WAM P.33166-001 male 19.5mm SL Paratypes: WAM P.33135-001 16mm SL , 33137-001 female 16.0mm SL, 33167-001 male 19mm SL , 33169-001 female 23mm SL.


Type locality: Old water supply well L8, Barrow Island, Western Australia (20°49'2.31"S, 115°23'41.98"E).

Known also from: Anode Well Q4, Barrow Island, Western Australia (20o59'S, 115o24'E), Anode Well P2, Barrow Island, Western Australia (20o46'40.07"S, 115o24'41,77"E).

Conservation Status

MuG [NE]

With a maximum area of occupancy is 78km2 and the presence on the island of oil and gas installations, the threats to this species, and to

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WAM P.33165-001

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