Subterranean fishes of the world
Eidinemacheilus proudlovei Freyhof, Abdullah, Ararat, Ibrahim and Geiger 2016.


This web site is effectively the second edition of my book on the subterranean fishes of the world (Proudlove 2006). It follows very much the same structure and content and its main aim is to provide an always-up-to-date checklist of the cave and groundwater fishes of the world and detailed species accounts for all species. A fully searchable bibliography of 3550+ entries is also provided. A secondary aim is to provide checklists for the interstitial fishes and for troglomorphic fishes from non-subterranean habitats, and species accounts when time allows these to be prepared. One or two other lists and/or notes may appear if I find them of interest and relevance. Each species account has a Metadata link which takes you to a page describing the methods used, the notation and various other essential guides to using the site effectively.

There are currently 238 species of cave and groundwater fishes, 35 species of interstitial fishes and 42 species with troglomorphic features from non-subterranean habitats (total 315 species).

As of May 2018 the searchable bibliography is jointly authored by Graham Proudlove and William R. Elliott.

Important note:  It will take me while to get all of the species accounts fully populated. If you are interested in a particular species let me know and I'll prioritise it.

Comments, corrections, additions etc. to me at g.proudlove[at]

V1.0 Thursday 26 July 2018

Recent additions

All species now have at least one reference. For those with only one it is the original description.

Trichomycterus rosablanca from Colombia

Trichomycterus donascimientoi from Colombia (both species published in Biota Colombiana 19(1), June 2018)

Trichomycterus undescribed species Colombia (Cesar Castellanos-Morales pers. comm. June 2018).

A list of review publications, to allow entry into the literature, for the two most studied subterranean fishes Astyanax jordani and Poecilia mexicana.

Working on the Fishless karst discussion.