Proteus anguinus

Laurenti 1768



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Common name is Olm, or The Olm


Dinaric Karst


This species is stygobitic (i.e. aquatic)


The genus Proteus Laurenti 1768 is widely distributed on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea and populations are currently found in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and probably also in Montenegro (Kostanjsek et al. 2023). Currently there is only one nominal species in the genus, Proteus anguinus Laurenti 1768 with two subspecies: P. anguinus anguinus Laurenti 1768 and P. anguinus parkelj  Sket and Arntzen 1994. The first of these subspecies in troglomorphic whereas the second is pigmented and known as the “black Proteus” or “black morph”. Populations are found over a linear northwest to southeast distance of 500km and it has been hypothesized several times that these are not all the same species. There is now clear genetic evidence that there are at least nine evolutionary significant units (ESUs) across this distribution and in due course it is highly likely that all of these nine will eventually be described as separate species with their own species names. Currently (see Kostanjsek et al. 2023 and Recknagel et al. 2023 for details) there are nine named ESUs:

Ljubljanica (containing the type locailty of P. anguinus which will eventually be the only species to bear this name)




Proteus anguinus parkelj





Making 9 probable species in the genus. This will mean that there are currently 25 global species of subterranean Amphibia (16 in North and Central America and 9 in Europe).

Conservation Status

VU B2ab(ii, iii, v)

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