Milyeringa veritas

Whitley 1945

Milyeringa veritas
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Whitley (1945)


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Milyeringa brooksi  Chakrabarty 2010




Holotype: WAM P.2913-001, 40.5mm SL. This species is the type species by original designation and monotypy of the cave restricted genus Milyeringa, and the genus is the type genus of the family Milyeringidae.


Type locality: Milyering Well, near Yardie Creek Station, North West Cape, Western Australia (22o01’S, 113o56’E). Details of all other known locations are given in Humphreys (1999a). At four locations this species has been seen at sites from which Ophisternon candidum has also been recorded. The ranges of these two species overlap completely and it appears that both are found throughout the 2 km wide coastal plain fringing the Cape Range of hills (Humphreys and Adams 1991; Adams and Humphreys 1993; Humphreys 1993a; Knott 1993).


Found in both freshwater and anchialine systems from close to the coast up to 4.3 km inland. Seen at karst windows and a depths of up to 33m. Collected from boreholes very remote from any opening to the surface (details from Humphreys 2001). The food of this species (and of Ophisternon candidum) was examined by Humphreys and Feinberg (1995). They found that 79% of the intake was terrestrial fauna in the form of Isopoda, Trichoptera, Hymenoptera and cockroaches. Only 10% maximum intake was from consumption of other cave animals.


Whitley (1945) erected the family Milyeringidae to contain this species because it differed from the Eleotridae by having no eyes and reduced ventral and dorsal fins. Subsequent authors (e.g. Greenwood Rosen, Weizman and Myers 1966; Nelson 1994) have not recognised this family and have placed the species in the Eleotridae. Hoese and Gill (1993) made a thorough study of eleotridid fishes within the family Gobiidae and placed the genus Milyeringa in the subfamily Butinae together with the genus Typhleotris.

Conservation Status

MuG [DD:2.3:1996]

(Wager, R. 1996. Milyeringa veritas. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1996: Downloaded on 05 July 2017).

R (IUCN 1994), DD (IUCN 1996, 2000). Rare (Michaelis 1985). Humphreys and Adams (1991) document an incursion of saline water into the freshwater aquifer which, if real and continuous, will represent a dangerous threat to this and other stygobitic species in the coastal fringe of the Cape Range. This fringe is outside of the Cape Range National Park and therefore does not get the protection offered to sites within it.

Museum Holdings

26 specimens at the Western Australian Museum, Perth (Whittaker and Kritski 1973), AMS I.21336-001 4 specimens 31-43mm SL (Hoese and Gill 1993), AMNH 45497, AMNH 48568 (Humphreys and Feinberg 1995).

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