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Population Status of the Southern Cavefish, Typhlichthys subterraneus in Arkansas

Romero, A., Connor, M.S. and Vaughan, G.L.

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Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science
We summarize the results of our study on the status of the southern cavefish (Typhlichthys subterraneus) in Arkansas. Its presence in the state represents the western-southern limits of its distribution. Four localities have been confirmed that contain individuals of this species: Richardson Cave (Fulton County), Alexander Cave/Clark Spring (Stone County), Ennis Cave (Stone County), and Lake Norfork (Baxter County). A fifth locality has been cited as a well in Randolph County, but because the exact location is unknown, its presence has not been confirmed. A number of unconfirmed localities for "cavefishes" in the region has not been included in this report. Populations of this species in Arkansas seem to be small (less than 100 individuals) which is common among populations of hypogean amblyopsids elsewhere. All the confirmed localities are in areas either under controlled access by the private owners or by the federal government. No immediate threat to these populations was found by either overcollecting or other anthropogenic causes. Yet long-term monitoring of the recharge zones is recommended
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